Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Legend of Link and the Coupon Princess

Helping Camille shop at the grocery store
This week has been pretty dang amazing! We took lincoln to church for the first time and now that he's older and we can take him out on the town we were able to spend some much needed time together as a family away from the home.  Lincoln is starting to smile more, making the little guy smile now has almost become a game in our home.

Who wouldn't be happy going bottomless after a diaper change?

I'm not sure if Camille has said anything about this yet, but we have gone into money saving mode while she has is looking for work, since she won't be going back to teaching next year, and camille has been doing a really good job at couponing and watching the checking account. You would think that not having money would be a stress on most families but luckily we have been raised to live with-in our means, so although we are stretching every dollar we have and not going out as much life is really good. It's funny because this past friday we went out to a fancy restaurant and really splurged on some exotic Mexican cuisine friday, which was a real treat; and just to clarify by restaurant I mean taco bell and by splurge I mean we had a buy one get one free coupon. It did feel pretty good to get out and not have to cook for a change. Saturday my mom was gracious enough to take us out for a bite which nice, however, I think spending time with her grandson might have been the real motive to take us out to eat. Having our family live so close to us has been an enormous blessing for lincoln and us.

When we got back home saturday night we whipped out a "baby bath" that a co-worker had given us at my work baby shower for lincoln. I use the term baby bath loosely because it's more like a mesh chair for Lincoln but it was awesome as you can see in the pictures below. I never thought I would enjoy taking a bath with another guy so much.

After seeing a picture of my dad in the tub with my older sister I decided naked and kids don't really mix well 

Mind if I Comb Over?
Finally, Today was the first time we took lincoln to church and it went really well. He didn't really fuss or cry, just slept mostly, which is really impressive if you know anything about the LDS meeting schedule. The only lame thing about church was my Gospel Principles teacher didn't show up so I had to give the lesson last minute (one of the many blessings of being the ward mission leader). thanks to a well put together plan we were all able to get ready for church at 830am and Lincoln was the center of attention per the usual.

He looks like a model from a romance novel
Life is great, our family is great and we are excited for this next week! feel free to comment what you would like to know next!

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  1. So cute! I love the first day back at church because everyone just tells you how perfect the baby is (and he is!) and I felt like yelling "FRIENDS! I missed you!" I'm glad he did well and hope he continues to!