Sunday, April 28, 2013

MORE Crafting to Share and Sell!

I want to eventually start selling my crafts.  But, first I need to A-work on my skills, and second, I need to develop a good supply of what I want to sell so I can take pictures to show what is available!  This is what I do after work lately...
This little piggy stayed home.  Ha ha.  I saw a picture at Michaels of farm animals and decided I would try it out.  I'm actually pretty proud of it...the cow down below kind of fell apart sadly.  I thought it started out cute though!

These are some of my products thus far.  The bow needs a ring underneath it...all the craft stores have failed me.  Those earrings need to be finished too...oops.

Here is the unfinished cow.  I had to go searching all over my house for a tool to pierce it's nose holes.   

I rolled some flower pattern canes...they morphed while I rolled.  I need to perfect this technique a little.
These are 2 of the pens I was working on pre-baked.  They were supposed to be small flowers all over.  Oh well...I'll settle for girly camo.  The one in the back has already been rolled to fill in the white space.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Love Crafting SOOOOO Much!

Old spaghetti and applesauce jars.  Pinterest said to use glue but puff paint works so much better!

I was listening to my iHeartRadio on my way to work and took a screen shot of this awesome song.  Listen to it!

My sister is having a baby girl so I promised many many headbands!  They are SUPER easy.  Tops $6.00 for these 3 cute ones!

I found an old wooden craft frame I never finished and painted it gray and added rosettes to it!  I'm liking it...just needs a photo.

I finally sold my Dirt Devil vacuum to a gentleman on Craigslist.  Perseverance guys!  It's been on Craigslist for 7 months and no bites!  The guy didn't even try to haggle.  Goodbye Dirt Devil.  Enjoy your new home.

I have obtained so many rolls of ribbon.  I HAD to organize them somehow.  I decided to break a plastic hanger, put the rolls on the hanger and duct tape them back together.  I'm excited...again! :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Husband is Amazing!

Today is a glorious Saturday.  The weather is beautiful!  We're watching general conference all day so we'll probably just be cuddled up on the couch together.  I love cuddling with Jordan.

I fit into the crook of his arm so perfectly! Gosh, I love this guy.  Yes, today I feel like being sappy.  Also, crafting!  I am making some headbands for my sister's baby now that I know she is having a GIRL in early August.  I'm making these fabric flowers now, and just need to add them to a headband. :)

 Lately we've been consumed with this show, The Walking Dead.  I found some funny photos and thought I'd share them.  (They're pretty bad quality because I took a photo of them on the computer screen.)

 This one doesn't make sense...I guess I didn't notice this when I was watching.