Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I LOVE being Mrs. Roth!

Life is amazing.  I've been married for almost 6 months now!  I've experienced so many ups and downs since then...mainly because of work and my birth control...more on that later though.  It's picture time!!!

This is me totally excited because I'm done with work and my husband is coming to pick me up!
I look forward to the chocolate festival in Glendale in February every year...especially because they have chocolate covered cheesecake which ROCKS!  It was mighty chilly this time.  P.S.  See those super cute yellow sunglasses on my head that I bought for my wedding??  Ya, some punk kids totally stole them out of our car a week ago...I'm pretty peeved about it still.  Maybe not so much about the sunglasses which were from Target, but I'm sure upset about my stinking PRESCRIPTION glasses being taken?  Seriously.  WHO does that!  (We know it was kids because they didn't even take the emergency bag in the bag that had jumper cables/battery charger/gloves/etc in it).  If I find out who did it, I will go grab them by the shirt and give them a piece of my mind!!!

Pinterest has me trying many new things these days...this is my homemade Nutella and jam pop tart!

 I was at Kohl's searching for some more slacks for work (Jordan thinks I look like a weirdo with my oversized ones)...and one of my FAVORITE shirts ripped...sad day...

This is yet ANOTHER Pinterest DIY craft.  A white foam wreath covered in red yard and pink and white felt hearts for Valentine's Day.  I love how it turned....I'm not going to lie, I am pretty proud of it! I said, life is will get even better when this week is over and then subsequently the next 2 weeks because that means that it will be Spring Break!!!!!!!!  I need some time off badly!