Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Iowa is B-E-UTIFUL!

We had an amazing time in Iowa this last weekend!  Perfect cloudy weather for pictures.  It was also a lot colder than, we had to buy some sweaters.  I'll  take cold over hot any day though.  You can always put more clothes on to shelter yourself from the cold, but you can't always do that for the heat. ha ha...

This is Jordan's grandpa's house that we stayed in for the ime we were there.  It is so beautiful!  (Wait, I already said that in the post description.)

Jordan and his brother at their FAVORITE ice cream shop!(Jordan talks about it all the time in comparison to any ice cream we eat).

We went to the John Deere Commons...which was really just a museum to me.  Some of the tractors in there was seriously SOOO massive.

Picture of me on the Skywalk.  It was just that, a walkway above the street.  But, it was really cool because behind those reflective walls are actually windows and you can look out over the city! It was really pretty.  (Sorry that I don't have a picture of the view but I assure you it wouldn't do it justice).

Jordan's dad took us sailing on our last day...when the sun finally decided to shine on us!  It felt nice when the sun was out but when it was behind the clouds, it was darn cold!

Jordan chilling out on his dad's boat.
Jordan was so cold and pretending to be a Sith Lord...with a mustache.

First Tiger Lily I've ever seen was on the side of Jordan's grandpa's house.  Perfect overcast lighting for a photo of it! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Paper Rosettes

I wish I had known how to make these back when I was purchasing things for my reception almost a year ago!  Wow, time is flying. 

 Anyways, I love making these cute decorations and hopefully I can find someone on Etsy who would love to purchase them.  They take a bit of time to make, but I think the end result is well worth it! :)

I'm calling these "Orange you glad I didn't say banana". ha ha..

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's Poster Day!

I'm trying to be proactive and make some posters for school this year...this is mainly to reduce all the annoying comments from students like, "what happens if...??"

Monday, July 8, 2013

My Mustached Man

This Saturday will be exciting because we're driving down to Yuma for Jordan so he can compete in a mustache competition.  

He always talks about going but he has never been.  I took a photo of him last night next to a lovely old photo on someone's wall.  It's pretty cool.
That's an all natural mustache baby!  He had two teenagers ask if they could get a picture of his mustache...JUST his mustache.  That's not unusual so I didn't even blink.  It just makes me's like his mustache is a celebrity!

Also, for the Fourth of July I attempted to be cool and make this cake pop art piece: 
However, it was just TOO darn hot in my apartment so they would not set!  sooo frustrating!  And, the blue dye I used just really wouldn't get to a dark blue.  Oh well, good thing all of my family will eat them anyways!
Only 3 weeks of summer vacation left!  AHHH!!!  Gotta live it up!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Sell on Etsy Now!

I got my self an Etsy shop so I can try and do something with all of these polymer clay creations I've been making.  

And, I'm thinking, I'll send 1 out to someone for kicks.  So, If you want one, maybe you should comment before...let's say July 4th, and I'll randomly pick someone to receive it.  Here are some samples of what I've made...
Ignore the pizza cutter in the back ground. ha ha...

Earrings for Mother's Day

Ignore the hideous nail polish!

This is my black and orange narwhal charm.

Another bow ring, this one is slightly larger than the pink above.

I feel so proud!  Maybe not of the products but that I taught myself!  Anyways, that's my post...just a little shameless self plug and giveaway!