Monday, January 21, 2013

Post-Holiday Depression

Hey guys!!!  Well, the holiday/no work time has officially ended.  It's the end of MLK day and I have less than an hour left of freedom.  Oh, how I wish to HIGH HEAVENS that May 23rd (the last day of school) would come super fast.  It's getting exhausting keeping up with 26 second graders.  I have a new found respect for teachers of any age group.  It is much tougher than parents will EVER realize.  When parents say I'm being too mean, I wish so badly I could say to them, "You be the teacher for one day.  See how YOU fare!"   ...but I can't say that.

Holiday fun today was an amazing hike, followed by a trip to the San Tan mall to return Jordan's jacket that didn't actually keep him failed us Eddie Bauer!

Then, we stopped at Caketini for some cupcakes...they looked and sounded SO good.  Sad day, they disappointed both of us.  This is a picture from another blog.  We tasted the Decadent Duet (choc. and peanut butter) and Salted caramel...both not awesome...I could make WAY more flavorful for LESS than $3.75 a piece!  Too looked amazing!

Alrighty, until later!  My mustache man and I bid you farewell!