Thursday, June 26, 2014

Growing Up

Little Lincoln is now 6 weeks old.  He is getting so big and I think looking more and more like his daddy.  He's probably 11 pounds now. (He was 10.4 at his doctor's visit last week)  This boy loves his milk! :)
His Umbilical stump a couple days before it fell off.  Gross, I know.  It took 2 whole weeks!!!!

After it had just fallen off.  Yeah for an innie belly button!

First doctor's appointment.  5 pounds here and 5 days after he was born.

First time using the play time mat. He really enjoyed it until he had hiccups.

First smile caught on camera.

Grocery shopping with mommy at 6 weeks old.  This was taken right before he started crying.

Super cute church clothes for his first day at church.

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  1. I think M has 6 different suits. Most are hand me downs. but I just can't resist them!