Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Life is Tough Sometimes...

Life has been brutal lately.  I anticipated this school year being a smoother transition than last year since it is my second go around teaching 2nd grade.  I was wrong.

In fact, it's probably about the same.  I was planning a wedding at this time last year.  However, now I'm in the process of moving and my sister just go home from her mission and I'd really like to spend time with her but I'm just so gosh darn busy with all of these other little things in my life.

I've got an Etsy account I'm trying to manage and also trying to get my passport for this cruise I'll be going on at the beginning of October.  It's just a lot and sometimes I break down and cry because I'm so overwhelmed!

Oh, and the printers at work are almost all but incapable of working leaving any copying I need to do very complicated because...well, let's just say it takes 10 times longer to print than if they did work properly.

I feel like the world thinks it's funny to rain down problems on me.

Jordan's grandpa has died so now I have to plan for a sub for two days this month because the funeral is on a Monday.  BUMMER.

On top of it all,  We're saving up for a house so any extra expenditures are out of the question.

And, warning: TMI, I have had my period 2 times longer than normal this month and the cramps are really bad so I'm super crotchety with my students...and, unfortunately Jordan too.  I feel like a horrible wife and teacher, I just want them to go away.  It feels like I'm being punished for not being pregnant...which is another topic for another post on another day....I digress.  Here are some photos as of late.......
Turns out, the day before school at Walmart is like the day before Christmas.  CRAZY town!

Airport meeting!  Yes, I cried!  I was THAT happy!
I took my sister to Big Surf the day after she got home from her mission.  Nice weather for a swim! (She surprised me when she decided she wasn't going to keep her shorts and t-shirt on).
My sister is taking a bowling class so I took her bowling...I love winning 3 frames in a row. :)  thanks Whitney! :)

Bad photo from my iPhone but my friend Brooke got married!  Crazy because she started dating her now husband, when I started dating Jordan more than a year and a half ago!

My room one day before the "meet the teacher"...YIKES!

My bulletin board, minus the student's names.