Saturday, October 6, 2012

Today is General Conference Saturday

I got up promptly at 7 am to work out before my day of conference was to begin.  Got a FABULOUS workout in.  In between conference sessions Jordan and I went to sell my ipod at Game Stop.  I previously decided that if they didn't offer me at least $100 dollars, I wouldn't sell it.  Ya, they offered WAY below $100!  $61 for store credit or $50 cash.  Really?  When I originally paid $300 for it?  No way.  I'm not selling it for that!  I suppose on the other hand...what else will I do with it?  We'll see...

After the second session is over, I gotta make a trip to Goodwill to look for books for my school classroom and then visit the dollar store for dice.

Tonight during the Priesthood session I'll be going over to my parent's house to watch the Relief Society broadcast with my mom and sisters then we will meet up with the guys for dinner afterward.  I'm excited.  Today is a great day!  Especially cause I get to spend it with my husband! :)