Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 at a Glance

I wanted to take a minute to remember all of our accomplishments from this year!

·         I finished my first year as a teacher
·         You got your wisdom teeth out
·         We attended 2 funerals…slept on a HARD apartment floor
·         We moved out of our dingy apartment at Argenta (hallelujah!)
·         I opened and closed my Etsy shop…
·         You changed a couple batteries in the jeep…
·         I took a silly boot camp class over the summer
·         We celebrated our first year anniversary!!!
·         I surprised to you with our first baby for your birthday!
·         We moved into your mom’s house for a bit…crazy!
·         You said goodbye to your dog Coco
·         We bought our first home
·         You made a SICK Halloween costume…I tried.
·         Your brother got sealed in the temple!
·         We bought an AWESOME couch and sold our other ones!
·         We bought a fridge, washer, and dryer!
·         We found out we’re having a BOY!!!
·         Got new callings in our ward…You rocked yours!
·         Made lots of new friends and said goodbye to some
·         We bought a sick huge printer!
·         We loved each other more each day
·         You became more patient with me.
·         You played video games…I crafted a little…
·         We brought my kitty to live with us…she annoyed us…ha ha
·         You found OPES which will hopefully bring more joy
·         Stargate became your second best friend

·         Downton Abbey was my second best friend

Kickin it for the next 2 weeks!

So much has happened but I've been too pre-occupied to blog about it.  (I'll be sad later on I'm sure).

Anywho, last night Jordan and I made gingerbread houses with our good friends.  Even though I was pretty tired when we arrived, it was still lots of fun.  Especially because their little boy will be almost exactly a year older than ours when we have him so I get more excited for our little guy to arrive when I see their adorable son.

While we made our gingerbread houses, their little boy was hanging out on the floor, and seriously ALMOST crawling.  It was SOO cute!  He scoots around, but doesn't quite get the hand-knee motion down yet.  I wish I had taken video!  Here is before and after gingerbread pictures.  Jordan mastered it...me...at least I tried!
Jordan had the idea of using our marshmallows as shingles.  I reluctantly said okay.  So, we got to work on one side.  I suggested they be cut in half.

Then Jordan decided he didn't like that idea because it took too long...and he wanted to do whole marshmallows on the other side.  I didn't like that idea so I let him have at it.  We know who the clear winner was!  (not me.)

So, I was kind of proud of the wreath I thought up.  The little leaves were from a bottle of sprinkles our friends had.  The door is made out of fondant.

Final photos.  Jordan put little sour patch kids on top...he's funny like that.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oh Boy!!!

In May, we are expecting a boy!  I'm sad no girly dress up sessions but my husband is so excited to have a son and I'm glad my kids will have an older brother.