Saturday, June 21, 2014

There's no such thing as a natural

If you haven't noticed Camille does the majority of our family blogs, but I figured it's about time I got a little more involved in things. I wanted to first share what being a new dad means to me but more importantly give an update with some picture on how much Link has been growing.

So this sounds lame but I've secretly been a school girl my whole life on being a dad. As a young guy I was lucky enough to surround myself with good remodels who taught me a lot about life and what it meant to be a good husband, father and hard worker; as I went out and served a 2 year mission for my church, my list of people I looked up to only grew and every person was a good father and husband. It's because of their examples that I was lucky enough to realize at a young age that true happiness doesn't come from material things but from family. Again, I know that sounds super cheesy but it's the truth. I never knew I could care so much about someone until I met camille and I knew I wanted to do everything to make her happy. As time went on and we got married I could tell something was missing as when the time was right we had Lincoln. I know I said I didn't know I could love someone so much until I met Camille, but I was wrong, there is something special about being a first time dad (and I'll probably feel the same way when we have another one) but I really look at him and realize that there really isn't anything I wouldn't do to make him happy. I only hope I can live up to the examples that I have seen over the past decade.
I'm sure if this counts as a selfie but he was too cute not to get a picture
So why do I say there is no such thing as a natural, because everything takes time and work. Although loving Link is easy, accommodating his needs isn't always so easy and I'm sure if he could talk he'd probably say something similar about learning to nurse and deal with parents who don't understand him. A co-worker of mine this week said with how tired I looked I wasn't really turning him to the cause of having kids, but I told him that despite being tired and after a long day at the office nothing compares to coming home to my son and getting to change from my work clothes to my daddy clothes and I'm sure Camille can testify to that.

I'm pretty lucky to have Camille and Lincoln in my life, I'll never know what I did to deserve such a great family but one thing I do know is it didn't come from me complaining or sitting on my duff. Lincoln's a bomb dude and we can't wait for him to keep growing. he's siting at 10 lbs even as of wednesday

Enjoy these recent pictures of the future Hero of Time(Zelda)

I'm pretty sure this was right after he ate
Lincoln really likes bath time... thankfully because he needs a lot of baths

This is one of my favorite pictures of the little guy

I didn't force this picture, that's why it's so precious

This shirt says it all

Camille and Lincoln matching outfits, sorta.

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  1. Beautiful! I think you'd enjoy Jim Gaffigan's new book, "Dad is Fat." It is absolutely hilarious and addresses the paradox of loving something so difficult. Here is one of my favorite quotes:

    “I guess the reasons against having more children always seem uninspiring and superficial. What exactly am I missing out on? Money? A few more hours of sleep? A more peaceful meal? More hair? These are nothing compared to what I get from these five monsters who rule my life. I believe each of my five children has made me a better man. So I figure I only need another thirty-four kids to be a pretty decent guy. Each one of them has been a pump of light into my shriveled black heart.”