Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Is it Okay that I'm ready for some Alone time?

I love my baby, I love my husband, I love my life...I just need some time to myself.  I'm sure all mothers feel this way...I just never knew how much I'd miss all the quiet down time I used to have.  All the crafts I pursued have no part in my life any more.  I miss them dearly.  What I wouldn't give to have just a fraction of time to myself to just sit...even as I type this, I'm rocking a baby.

On another note, my baby is getting SOO big.  Normally at this point, moms would be saying, "Please stay small."  Nope.  Not this mom.  This mom is ecstatic he is getting so big.  I welcome the day when he can show me his giggles, his holding his head up by himself, his sitting up, his crawling!!!  Yep, I know I'll look back when I'm at that point and say to myself, "what was I thinking?!"  

However, I can't help it, I want my baby to be able to entertain himself in a playpen while I cook uninterrupted in the kitchen for at least 10 minutes.  
This isn't even a current picture.  He is 6 weeks old here all ready for his first Sunday back to church! :)

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  1. Yay for a growing baby! It is so hard and you are not alone in anything you are feeling. Time for crafts (and the energy) will come again. Seriously, things are going to start looking up soon!