Sunday, April 28, 2013

MORE Crafting to Share and Sell!

I want to eventually start selling my crafts.  But, first I need to A-work on my skills, and second, I need to develop a good supply of what I want to sell so I can take pictures to show what is available!  This is what I do after work lately...
This little piggy stayed home.  Ha ha.  I saw a picture at Michaels of farm animals and decided I would try it out.  I'm actually pretty proud of it...the cow down below kind of fell apart sadly.  I thought it started out cute though!

These are some of my products thus far.  The bow needs a ring underneath it...all the craft stores have failed me.  Those earrings need to be finished too...oops.

Here is the unfinished cow.  I had to go searching all over my house for a tool to pierce it's nose holes.   

I rolled some flower pattern canes...they morphed while I rolled.  I need to perfect this technique a little.
These are 2 of the pens I was working on pre-baked.  They were supposed to be small flowers all over.  Oh well...I'll settle for girly camo.  The one in the back has already been rolled to fill in the white space.

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  1. I love sculpty! The pig is particularly cute. Did you try Hobby Lobby for the rings? I've found them to have the best and cheapest selection of findings.