Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Love Crafting SOOOOO Much!

Old spaghetti and applesauce jars.  Pinterest said to use glue but puff paint works so much better!

I was listening to my iHeartRadio on my way to work and took a screen shot of this awesome song.  Listen to it!

My sister is having a baby girl so I promised many many headbands!  They are SUPER easy.  Tops $6.00 for these 3 cute ones!

I found an old wooden craft frame I never finished and painted it gray and added rosettes to it!  I'm liking it...just needs a photo.

I finally sold my Dirt Devil vacuum to a gentleman on Craigslist.  Perseverance guys!  It's been on Craigslist for 7 months and no bites!  The guy didn't even try to haggle.  Goodbye Dirt Devil.  Enjoy your new home.

I have obtained so many rolls of ribbon.  I HAD to organize them somehow.  I decided to break a plastic hanger, put the rolls on the hanger and duct tape them back together.  I'm excited...again! :)

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