Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 at a Glance

I wanted to take a minute to remember all of our accomplishments from this year!

·         I finished my first year as a teacher
·         You got your wisdom teeth out
·         We attended 2 funerals…slept on a HARD apartment floor
·         We moved out of our dingy apartment at Argenta (hallelujah!)
·         I opened and closed my Etsy shop…
·         You changed a couple batteries in the jeep…
·         I took a silly boot camp class over the summer
·         We celebrated our first year anniversary!!!
·         I surprised to you with our first baby for your birthday!
·         We moved into your mom’s house for a bit…crazy!
·         You said goodbye to your dog Coco
·         We bought our first home
·         You made a SICK Halloween costume…I tried.
·         Your brother got sealed in the temple!
·         We bought an AWESOME couch and sold our other ones!
·         We bought a fridge, washer, and dryer!
·         We found out we’re having a BOY!!!
·         Got new callings in our ward…You rocked yours!
·         Made lots of new friends and said goodbye to some
·         We bought a sick huge printer!
·         We loved each other more each day
·         You became more patient with me.
·         You played video games…I crafted a little…
·         We brought my kitty to live with us…she annoyed us…ha ha
·         You found OPES which will hopefully bring more joy
·         Stargate became your second best friend

·         Downton Abbey was my second best friend

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