Monday, July 8, 2013

My Mustached Man

This Saturday will be exciting because we're driving down to Yuma for Jordan so he can compete in a mustache competition.  

He always talks about going but he has never been.  I took a photo of him last night next to a lovely old photo on someone's wall.  It's pretty cool.
That's an all natural mustache baby!  He had two teenagers ask if they could get a picture of his mustache...JUST his mustache.  That's not unusual so I didn't even blink.  It just makes me's like his mustache is a celebrity!

Also, for the Fourth of July I attempted to be cool and make this cake pop art piece: 
However, it was just TOO darn hot in my apartment so they would not set!  sooo frustrating!  And, the blue dye I used just really wouldn't get to a dark blue.  Oh well, good thing all of my family will eat them anyways!
Only 3 weeks of summer vacation left!  AHHH!!!  Gotta live it up!

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