Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Sell on Etsy Now!

I got my self an Etsy shop so I can try and do something with all of these polymer clay creations I've been making.  

And, I'm thinking, I'll send 1 out to someone for kicks.  So, If you want one, maybe you should comment before...let's say July 4th, and I'll randomly pick someone to receive it.  Here are some samples of what I've made...
Ignore the pizza cutter in the back ground. ha ha...

Earrings for Mother's Day

Ignore the hideous nail polish!

This is my black and orange narwhal charm.

Another bow ring, this one is slightly larger than the pink above.

I feel so proud!  Maybe not of the products but that I taught myself!  Anyways, that's my post...just a little shameless self plug and giveaway!


  1. It is past July 4th but I have been in the mountains without cell service. Bummer. Cute things though!

  2. I'm sad I didn't read this until now :( It's cute stuff though!