Friday, October 3, 2014

Keeping it Real

Lincoln is so adorable.  I know every parent says this, but it's the gosh darn honest truth.  Jordan thinks he is adorable even when he is crying.  I would too if his crying didn't happen at inopportune times-like, say, driving around, running errands!

Anyways, he is now 4 and a half months and seriously the sweetest silly-face making baby!  We love this kid.  He is starting to SLOWLY sleep longer stretches at night which I DESPERATELY need from him.  I believe I got 6 straight hours 2 nights ago.  It was so incredible.

 He LOVES his cereal!  He gets all excited and bounces all over the place!
I may have set him up on this one...ha ha

Jordan has been at his new job, I think, 2 months now.  It's a bit of a drive but it works for now.

 I've been working at a company called SSI.  It's basically a call center but I call people and ask them to take a survey.  You wouldn't believe how many people I call in 6 hours and only come away with 10 or less surveys!  I have heard more rude people and answering machines than mostly people hear in a year.  I try to not let the rude people get to me, but sometimes they just do.  I understand I am often calling people at inconvenient times, but they don't have to be rude over the phone.  I am not rude when speaking to them!

Also, OTHER good news!  We have now officially been home owners for a YEAR now.  Wow, time flies.  It's so strange.  I feel like it makes me a legitimate adult now.  (That and the fact that we have a kid!)

Other side note, I have been LOVING this fall weather.  Early in the morning at like 7:00 it's perfect outside.  I have taken Lincoln for a walk every day this week!  I think he enjoys looking everywhere.  It's a nice exercise for me...since I don't ever seem to do it at any other time of the day. :(

Tonight, Jordan's mom offered to watch Lincoln so we could have a date night.  YAHOO!  Let the count down to no baby begin!

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  1. If I have a moment or two, I always take the phone surveys :) And Lincoln really is cute.